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I'm a simple - no nonsense kinda Gal! All I desire in this world is to live the life that God intended for me to live and help others do the same.

It took me some soul searching and tripping up on my mistakes for a little while but I finally got it right.  I've always enjoyed serving others no matter where God has planted me.  I believe where I'm most content is when I'm helping women live healthy and purposeful lives. Helping them live their lives on their terms and not in the shadows of man (or toxic people who have no interest in them prospering).

You see when we decide we're going to take control of our lives and trust the decisions we make along the way; we build courage, confidence, and wisdom; we then excel and thrive toward greatness!

"The Power & Purpose Living Experience"

I love talking to women about "The Power and Purpose Living Experience".  So, you ask, What is The Power and Purpose Living Experience?

Let's first look at each word: Power is the individual ability to act or produce an effect of some kind and Purpose is the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc. It is an intended or desired result, or end, aim, or goal.

My reason for establishing a practice built on "Power" & "Purpose" was founded on a strong passion and desire to help women realize the spiritual power God has given each and every one of us; to ignite in us what we were all predestined to have and to be; the power and authority to execute our purpose for living.

To help women get out of their own way; to stand and walk in the plans God wrote for our lives. We can all prosper and be successful in our destiny if we just "BELIEVE" we can.


"The PPL Experience"

Is about:

  • Developing a positive mind, body, and soul - strengthening the spirit!

  • Realizing your inherent power!

  • Learning what your gifts are and using them for greatness!

  • Holding yourself accountable to achieve success!

  • Developing & practicing patience gracefully!

  • Acknowledging the need to forgive yourself and others!

  • Getting rid of self doubt and fear from the heart and tongue!

  • Developing and understanding the need for self-love!

  • Releasing/Removing all toxicity in your life!

  • Serving others with contentment and selflessness!

  • Walk without fear and into your purpose!

  • Living with peace, love, and joy always!

  • Acknowledging the creator of all things and who we are in Him!


What I Do

To Nurture My


Eat Healthy/
Value Nutrition


Exercise Daily/
Always Movin & Shakin


God Chaser on Solid Food/
Kingdom Builder

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